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Direct work with individuals

Young people need help and advice:

"Why is my body changing?”

"How can I say no to pressure?”

“My body is not my own”

“People are sexting me, what can I do?”
"I don’t understand about periods”

"Pornography is everywhere”

"I hate being bullied”

"I just want to be liked”

Image in Action can undertake Relationships and Sexuality Education sessions for individual pupils with additional needs in schools to tackle these and many other complex and sensitive issues.

One session for an individual: £115.00 (London area).

If booking a number of sessions on one day or 5 or more sessions in total, the rate falls to £98.00 per session.

Contact Lesley Kerr-Edwards by email to discuss your requirements, or call 01494 481632.
Talk About it Talk About It

Click here for this free resource

This is a resource which helps schools to consider
  • How to set up Sex and Relationships sessions with individuals on a 1-1 basis
  • What topics can be addressed
  • What methods are effective
  • Resources that can support this work
Talk About It was funded by the Department for Education through the Council for Disabled Children.

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