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Image in Action is interested in hearing from professionals who may wish to apply to register for our list of Associate Trainers. Our Associate Trainers may be invited to work with us on specific projects when funding is available. The direct work is likely to take place in London boroughs or in areas to the west of London such as Buckinghamshire.

We are looking to develop links with people who
  • hold a relevant professional qualification eg. in Teaching, Nursing, Social work, Counselling or Group work
  • have experience of working with children, young people and/or adults with learning disabilities or special needs
  • have an interest in or experience of Sex and Relationship Education or Sexual Health Promotion
Please send a CV to info@imageinaction.org.

Internships or short term work placements may also be available. Please send a CV and covering letter to info@imageinaction.org, explaining your interest in this opportunity.
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