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Parents, carers and families   Parents play an absolutely vital role in helping children and young people learn about themselves and others; partnership with parents and carers is an essential part of our work.

Click here to download a free Into Action resource to help you talk about sex and relationships education with your child with additional learning needs.
Image in Action works with:
  • Parents, carers and families when we lead projects in schools and colleges, believing in a partnership approach to Sex and Relationships Education
  • Individual children and young people when we discuss topics with parents and carers and advise them on strategies to support their child
  • Charities, voluntary sector and advocacy groups who support parents such as 'Contact a Family', leading workshops about sexuality and how to deal with issues for a child or young person with a disability
  • Parents and carers of vulnerable adults with learning disabilities
  • Our resources that can support parents and carers to talk about sensitive issues with their child
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