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By working in new areas we develop our own skills and understanding and widen the range of work available for people with disabilities.

New areas of work
New areas of work - Happy   New areas of work - Sad   All our activities began as innovative pilot projects, trying to develop effective ways of working with particular groups.

Sometimes we initiate a project ourselves and seek funding.

Sometimes we are invited to lead projects that seek to develop new areas of understanding.
Current Projects

We are supporting mainstream schools to provide relevant and accessible programmes for their students with special needs.

We are developing methods to work with young people on online safety and positive relationships in the internet age.

We are developing our individual programmes to offer one to one support to young people either to underline and personalise their learning after participating in an Image in Action group or because they may need additional support with private and sensitive issues relating to sexuality.

International work

We have designed 6 programmes of staff training in Ireland, working in Waterford, Galway and Dublin. Image in Action is now developing links with other E.U. countries. We hosted a visit from colleagues at the University of Verona in Italy and we are consulting on other expressions of interest in joint working from Belgium and Norway.
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