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Staff training   Image in Action has had many years of experience in training people to lead, plan and manage SRE with people with learning disabilities.
Training events include:
  • One day events in an establishment for whole staff teams working with students with severe or moderate learning difficulties
  • Two-day courses for local authorities for specialist teachers
  • Meetings and work---shops for parents and carers
  • Policy consultation and strategic planning
  • Co-working with staff in the classroom or centre
What we can offer

Our training courses provide demonstrations of the active approach to Sex and Relationship Education that the project has pioneered.

Our training is tailored to suit the organisation’s needs, which can include the following:
  • What is sex and relationship education?
  • What could you teach your students?
  • An introduction to active learning methods
  • Programme planning
  • Policy and organisation
  • Monitoring sex and relationships education

“We have appreciated the great activities, simple resources and very clear progression”
Specialist SRE trainer...

“A light hearted session about a serious subject”
Classroom teacher...

“The course met my needs exactly, thank you”


“Important discussions about rights and issues within a safe and supportive session”
Image in Action trainers

Trainers have extensive practical experience in planning, leading and evaluating sex and relationship education programmes with people with learning disabilities.

Our training courses are based on this direct work and so reflect real life situations and issues that staff meet in their own practice. The trainers will present relevant, effective strategies that staff can apply directly to their own work.


Contact Lesley Kerr-Edwards by email to discuss your training requirements, or call 01494 481632.

Fees from £900.00 per day.
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